The Safety of Our Staff & Community are Always Priority at The Spot Drive-In

To protect our customers and carhops, we will only provide takeout and phone orders placed at 262-654-9294. 

Customers Dining in Your Vehicle 

  1. Please do not approach our windows and please remain in your vehicle during your visit. 
  2. No chairs or sitting outside of vehicles is allowed at this time.
  3. All orders will continue to be delivered to your vehicle and you are now welcome to eat in our parking lot but our servers will not remove your garbage

The Spot Drive-In Safety Practices 

The Spot maintains the highest quality of food safety and will continue to ensure that our restaurant is regularly cleaned and routine deep professional cleaning. Also, we are taking proactive precautions with our employees. Any employee that is sick or symptomatic is asked to stay home at this time.

  1. All employees temperatures will be taken upon arrival for each shift. 
  2. Employees are to follow social distancing practices at all times
  3. All employees will be wearing masks while working and taking your order. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

During these unprecedented times it is all the more important to support local businesses – so please let your friends and family know they can continue to patronize The Spot. Stay calm and order a #burger!