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  1. I spent my summer’s in Kenosha at my Grandmother’s house. Summer’s in Kenosha meant Anderson pool, Lake Michigan, the 4th of July Parade, fireworks on Simmons Island, Ace Motorcycle shop (now Redline), walking distance to the movies and some of the finest food in the world….including The Spot!

    I can tell you it is 1,290 miles from my driveway in Florida to The Spot. I know because the last visit I drove straight from my dirve way to The Spot…not even stopping at my relatives house 1st.

    Nothing better than a root beer and a burger. How awesome is it to know that you share a part of history with your parents and grandparents just from this one establishment.

    The Spot is truly one of the most delicious places I have ever eaten. So many memories of sneaking here with my dad, of my brothers teasing me because they get to eat a Spot burger more often than I do (they visit Kenosha regularly).

    I will be there August 23rd….and I will satisfy my taste buds once again with the greatness that is a Spot burger!!!!

  2. Carmen M Hansen shared this memory on

    I went to The Spot for the first time with my husband and his mom and dad. It is absolutely amazing. I have literally drove up with my husband from Joplin Missouri to go there this week. Wish his mom was still here to go with us. Maybe we can talk his dad into going with us.. Brought my daughter and her boyfriend so they can experience the best..

  3. Lisa Paz shared this memory on

    Many years ago, I attended a wedding in the St. Therese Pavilion and the bride & groom had The Spot cater hamburgers, cheeseburgers and fries still in The Spot wrappers. Absolutely delicious! What a fun way to celebrate your Kenosha heritage!

  4. Denny Benning shared this memory on

    I worked at the spot in 1964, great place to work and Harold was a great guy to work for. It’s still my first stop when I’m in K-town. Best burgers and root beer period.

  5. Gary Spaay shared this memory on

    We would hang out at the Spot on Friday night to take a break after scooping the loop in the 60s when I was in high school. A big frosty mug of root beer and a burger.

  6. Mark Yszenga shared this memory on

    As a boy I played little league for the Spot..we got to go after every game..my oldest son Ryne also played for the Spot and we went there after every game..we now live in Indiana but whenever we come back to Kenosha our first stop is at the Spot..thanks for all the great food and memories

  7. Tom Brickley shared this memory on

    I just got a call from nephew Ken Klopstein asking me when the Spot opened. I said I remember it in the 40’s. There were a number of drive ins at that time, but none like the Spot. The root beer whirl was my favorite. Living on 79th and 24th growing up meant many trips to the Spot. Many years later visiting Ma and Pa on 79 and 24th meant burger and stuff from the Spot for my kids. Later in life I would see Harold at Sunnyside next door with interesting conversations. Keep it going please, would like to bring my great grandchildren there someday.

  8. George R. Ramirez shared this memory on

    I was stationed at Great Lakes N.S. from 72-74. Many a Fri. or Sat. a few of my buddys & I would drive to Kenosha,(lower drinking age) and invariably would end up at THE SPOT. Almost like religion.Now many years later I find my self retired USN. Still remembering with very fond memories of the food, service, & especially ROOT BEER! Thank you very much.
    V/R GRR

  9. Linda Herlihy shared this memory on

    I was raised in Kenosha and do not get back there as often as I would like. The Spot has always been my favorite place for a great cheeseburger and fries. I use to buy the root beer to take home. One time I had my Dad bring me burgers to Ohio. Now in Florida, I still miss the wonderful food and great service. Thanks for the memories. I hope to get there again soon.

  10. Eoj Iflots shared this memory on

    I was in Kenosha last week and The Spot is always a family favorite, the food is every bit as good as I remember from 50+ years ago. Sad to hear of Harolds passing, but life goes on …
    I also have a fond memory of a car hop named Helen, who spent many hours talking to me …what a sweetheart she was – I hope she is alive and doing well…..Double Cheeseburgers with everything – YUM !!! and the RB Whirl is still awesome :-)

  11. Dan Boguse shared this memory on

    A steak sandwich with mushrooms and a large frosty root beer is the only way to go in the summertime. I go there in my Fiat X1/9 with the top off and have a meal the tasty and good to the last drop.

  12. Kori Statdfield shared this memory on

    My parents, born and raised Kenoshians (Lincoln neighborhood) started taking my sister and I as kids. One main thing always had to come home with us… a gallon of root beer! It was a special treat in the house so you had to ask to get any. Once I was in my early teens and babysitting I had one client that her boyfriend would drive me home and buy all 3 of us the Spot. I’d almost always get a cheeseburger with grilled onions ketchup and mayo. And a turtle sundae or cheesecake to top it off. And he’d buy that after she paid me for babysitting, I felt so lucky to babysit for such awesome people!
    I was looking at the history page and remember both those waitresses, Pat & Mary! One of them was always there and would always take my order! 8yrs ago I was diagnosed a celiac and haven’t eaten there since. I haven’t had the guts to stop in and ask, Till now… Would you be able to accommodate gluten free sensitivity? I’m sure my dad would love a spot burger (without a bun) too!
    I always wave at the gentleman that cleans up the lot every morning, my kids wave too!
    I hope I can bring my kids there sometime soon!

    • Thank you for the kind comments. Being able to have your sandwich of choice without a bun is always an option. All you have to do is ask.

  13. Sherry Gregory shared this memory on

    THE SPOT was my mom and dads first date I’m guessing in 1947. I think my dad said they used to call it Harold’s. Best hamburger and root beer whirl in town. I live in TN and still stop every time I’m in town.

  14. Brad Thompson shared this memory on

    My mom car-hopped in 1959 while pregnant with me!

  15. Swe shared this memory on

    This place is one for the Ages will and has been a historical Landmark…
    It was in 2010 while working on the reconstruction project of HWY 50. As lunch time drew near a few of the guys decided to try out the spot cause even with construction going on “The Spot” seemed to be The Spot to go to no matter what condition weather traffic or time. The Double Bacon Cheese Burger (no onion) was the first and Only choice I made then, it’s the one I still continue to make, from the moment you are greeted to the moment you drive off the lot it’s something special. My taste buds go into a food coma when I bite into this luscious burger it drips with utter goodness, the bacon cooked to perfection, the buns are suuuuuper nice, it’s simple yet comes with a complex taste you will never forget and when you order another burger for some Reason you automatically compare it to the spot. Yet you can’t compare a Legendary Burger to “a burger”. When you take a bite out of the burger it bits back leaving you wondering why you never found this place sooner. So When friends and family come from out of state to make a visit I make sure to take the 40 min drive to blow their taste buds away. This place will give you good memories with friends and family and really a place one should go at least once in their life.

  16. Tom Hansen shared this memory on

    I was teaching my daughter to drive when she was 15 1/2 in 1993. We would make a loop around Kenosha to encounter various traffic situations, always ending up at The Spot for at least a root beer whirl and sometimes something to eat. Now I bring my granddaughter there for the same great menu – and with the same carhop!!!!

  17. Was in high school just before Vietnam ended. I had 3 really good friends and The Spot was one of our favorite hamburger joints. Went into the service and the first place I went to was The Spot. Although the fast food chains were a lot better back in the early 70s, they didn’t hold a candle to The Spot. The Root Beer was out standing. I was stationed in Germany and was reading a magazine and lo and behold it mentions The Spot. Told my fellow soldiers that McDonalds was not the only restaurant that has gone international. Thanks for the memories of good burgers, fries and root beer.

  18. Just a few years back, at the turn of the millenium, there was special pricing for a hamburger meal. This special went on for the days around July 4th. If I remember, the deal was $2.00 in 2000; $2.01 for the year 2001, $2.02, $2.03, etc. This went on for a few years. A couple of the years we took our family of 5 children twice a day and then off we went to the fireworks. The best part was that it was “Dad” time and to him this was the real deal. This place is still the best SPOT for a real meal.

  19. Don Dorff shared this memory on

    Worked there all high school years ’66, ’67 till June of ’68. I played in bands at the time and crew cut haired Chuck seemed fascinated by bands as we talked about them when he worked the weekends. What a bunch of characters that worked there at the time. Is Jim Long still alive? He was manager at the time and the craziest of them all.

  20. The Spot brings back the best memories, going out with my girls and coming back into town. Eating late night at the spot before going home. Summer breeze and the smell of the spot grill.

  21. mary mccorison shared this memory on

    I live in northern Wisconsin. You should ship burgers with dry ice like Omaha steaks! I miss the spot!! I don’t get burgers like that up here.

  22. Elisa Rodriguez shared this memory on

    My parents took my sister and I here years ago, and we loved it!! Every summer we would go at least 2 times. I know that does not seem like a lot but we lived in Waukegan so it was kind of a drive. This past Christmas I was at a family get together and the topic was The Spot! “Elisa, I bet you go there al the time, now that you love on kenosha.” Well I have not been there in years I tell them, and boy did I get an earful lol. WHY??????

  23. rachel shared this memory on

    my daughter a handicapped sweety and i lived in
    kenosha and we just loved the spot one of her real joys in life she is gone to heaven now and i no longer live there but a friend just moved there and the first 2 places i told her to go were teutas and of course the spot great memories and always great food and service.

  24. John Randall shared this memory on

    I was a Naval officer at Great Lakes in the early 1980s… I was dating an amazing young woman from Zion who suggested we drive up to a place she was fond of “The Spot”… I agreed and on a warm summer evening we made our way north. It was incredible… we returned weekly until I was reassigned to Italy. I think about her often but I think about The Spot every time I order a hamburger anywhere in the world! Nothing… but nothing comes close to eclipsing the experience of “The Spot”…

  25. Terry Merow shared this memory on

    I worked at The Spot while a student at Tremper HS in the mid 60`s. I have many fond memories of the people I worked with and the excellent food! The owner Harold DuBois was a great guy, he used to come in at peak hours and work the grill. While we were at work Harold let us eat as much of and anything we wanted from steak sandwiches to banana splits! If you brought a date to The Spot Harold picked up the tab for both you and your date! I try to get to The Spot whenever I get back to Kenosha, the burgers taste just as awesome as they did almost 50 years ago.

  26. Jan Woodbury shared this memory on

    My husband and I are both from Kenosha and the Spot was a favorite hangout when dating. We haven’t lived there since the late 60’s, but whenever we return to Kenosha to visit relatives we always stop in for a burger and root beer whirl. This became a tradition for our children. Now they are having children and hopefully will introduce the Spot to them. Sonic doesn’t hold a candle to The Spot!!!

  27. Susan Hastings shared this memory on

    Favorite Memories of The Spot….There Are Sooo Many!
    An evening out with my girlfriends had to include our 2x weekly+++ visit to The Spot. Being goofy high school girls 1966 we saw some cute guys parked near by. We were so nutty, not paying attention to our trau on the window. Someone rolled the window up. Them rolled it down. The Spot usual happened. Smash went the tray on the ground. Silly girls. (I think we were also swooning at Terry Merow inside cooking!!)

    I loved hearing my Dad’s high school Spot stories year after year.

    You know your burgers make many of us salivate in our sleep from Chicago to CA to Maine to New Zealand!!!
    For 45 years I have tried to figure out how to get 2-20 Cheeseburgers shipped to me!!!

    We pass our addiction of Spot Burgers on to our children who also salivate in memory after their first Spot visit. Now my children must make several stops as well to satisfy their palletes.

    The very first place ALL Spot addicted former Kenoshans go when coming back to visit is a fast beeline to THE SPOT (having endured weeks of antisipation of the trip, countless hours flying or driving all the time thinking about getting to the Spot!) for a full belly of the perfect cheese burger on the perfect bun steamed in the special wrapper with the perfect amount of mustard and that ever frosty rootbeer!

    Oh no!!!! Rough night ahead. I’m all worked up for Spot cheeseburgers again and no way to blast them to my front door! HELP!!!
    Thank you for the never ending memories!!!

  28. Gloria shared this memory on

    Once I took my mom in law for a burger to our favorite place, the Spot. We took her car and since she was getting on in years I did the driving. We ordered our bacon cheeseburgers, fries, and root beers and after the car hop left the tray I decided to roll the window down just a little bit more. Since it was not my car I did not know that when you touched the button to roll the window down it automatically went down all the way! We were devastated to see our delicious lunch in a mess on the parking lot! But not to worry! The car hop cleaned it right up and brought a new order. This time I adjusted the window before she brought the tray! I love the cheeseburgers so much that I have never tried anything different, each time my order is the same.

  29. Lynn S. shared this memory on

    My mom used to tell me a story of one of her first dates with my dad. He brought small candles to put on the dashboard to have a candelight dinner. Unfortunately, a gust of wind made my mom’s graduation tassel catch fire… Both my parents are passed on now, but I smile every time I pass the Spot and think of them.

  30. Ken Pataska shared this memory on

    I used to love pulling up in my ’72 Caddy with a load of friends and ordering 17 tons of food and root beer. Always great service, food and times!!!!!

  31. Mike Moskopf shared this memory on

    My mother Sandra Moskopf used to work at the Spot in the 70’s. She loved the job and raved about the food. Every payday Friday she would order us the spot on her way home from Teaching. Was always the highlight of my week. A Rootbeer Whirl and a cheeseburger with Grilled onions.
    Congrats on your continued success.

  32. Jerry Fenske shared this memory on

    I helped Harold sell christmas trees on the lot in the late 40’s and both my sister, Jeanette was a carhop, and brother Vonne was a cook, in the 50’s. The Spot was where our folks took us for our meal out, which was a big treat in those days. Never miss stopping for a burger, fries, and a rootbeer whenever I get back to town. Always enjoyed talking with Harold to catch up on those years we were away and recall many fond memories..

  33. Tom Scott shared this memory on

    My mother was raised in Kenosha, (74th pl) and every summer (1960’s) our family would come to Kenosha for a week or so to visit. It was always a highlight of the trip to have not one, but several meals at “THE SPOT” as part of our journey each summer. A few weeks back and fifty years later I treated my two son’s and son in law to an outing at “THE SPOT” and challenged all to say they have ever had a better burger, fries and ice free root beer. Well you know the answer, “THE SPOT” wins again. You remain the best!

  34. Rolly Peckus shared this memory on

    I left for San DIego, California in 1978 on my Schwinn Paramount with no intention of ever returing here to stay! That’s all changed, but that’s another story. Twenty six years out there to end up back here?!?!?! It must be the food!
    Whenever I would come back to visit Kenosha there were three eateries I had to dine at and the SPOT was one of them. Since moving back to Kenosha I have brought friends from the west coast to the SPOT and they underestand why I had to make a pilgrimage to the SPOT on every trip back here.
    There is a SPOT resturant in downtown La Jolla, California where I used to SCUBA dive, but they don’t have the same yummy burgers! There is only one “SPOT DRIVE-IN”.
    Thank you for being consistant over the years.

  35. Laurie Bodshaug shared this memory on

    The spot in the 70’s was the place to work. As Gregg Pfarr pointed out there were lots of Spot weddings, from Chuck DuBois marrying Nancy Landry, Neil marrying my sister Sandy Smith, Myself and Diane Becker as bridesmaids, the weddings got a workout. It was so fun to work there….Harold was a smart grumpy granpa. Mike was the kindly uncle, Mike Schumacher was our resident philosopher, beatnik. All of our siblings eventually came to work at the Spot, so it was a giant family reunion every day.
    Harold was very kind to let me carhop on weekends I came home from college, as well as holidays and summer vacations. When i graduated from a 4 year college with my nursing degree, I actually made more money working a Friday dinner shift and 2 weekend shifts that I did in a week at the hospital in a week.
    Most nights we were so busy we ran our butts off, but with music coming out of the carhop hutches,, it was a lot of fun. The after closing summer parties were fun, too we played frisbee in the parking lot till the cops told us to go home. (By then the spiked watermelon was gone!) Loved the Spot years, and we always stop in when we are in town.

  36. Valerie shared this memory on

    Believe it or not…The Spot was the reason why we moved to Kenosha.

    As a small child living in Illinois, my dad took me to The Spot when I would visit him on weekends. (I’m the product of divorce). Every time we pull in, I fondly remember my first Spot experience…

    I was 5 years old and really really wanted a grilled cheese. When my dad ordered it, the waitress let him know that the grilled cheeses came on hamburger buns, which I just would not have, so against my will, dad got me a plain cheeseburger.

    I begrudgingly opened the waxy paper and wrinkled my nose to prove my displeasure, and after a few moments…took my first bite.

    I really really didn’t want my dad to know that I was loving the cheeseburger, but it was so yummy, I gobbled it down and it was at that time that a Spot fanatic was born.

    Once I got my driver’s license, I took all of my friends from Illinois up to the spot. In college, I wrote an eleven page paper on the infamous Spot cheeseburger and the night that my hubby proposed…we drove the hour and a half to….The Spot.

    So…thank you Spot! You’ve been a huge part of my life and have since become a big part of my husband’s and daughter’s life!

    We Love You!

  37. Beth Quinn shared this memory on

    I worked at the Keno Drive-In Theater from 1988-1990. After the movies were over, a friend of mine and I would always go to The Spot to get Root Beer Whirls and Breaded Cheese Squares. It was a great time with yummy late night food and I always recall the carefree and exciting feeling I get when I return because it reminds me of those summer nights, long ago.

  38. jane stried shared this memory on

    i car hopped at the spot in 1949-50. i met my future husband from zion there he was a steady custome. a year later we got engaged on the parking lot. janet and harold gave my first son a baby gift. his name is bill after his dad. greatest memories that anyone could have..jane

  39. jane stried shared this memory on

    i car hopped at the spot 1949-50 i met my future husband from zion there. we were engaged on the parking a year later. janet and harold gave us a gift for our first born a son named bill after his father. best of times.all my family loves the spot.

  40. Pat Gensicke shared this memory on

    I remember when my uncle took me there in his rumble seat
    of his car for a root beer when I was 6 in 1945. Two of my sons
    worked at the spot in late 70’s and early 80’s

  41. Debra Trimmer shared this memory on

    I remember going to the Spot with my mother. We would get a Hot Fudge Fancy Sundae. It would be in the winter and snowing outside.Just kept the car running and the car heater on. It was the best sundae. I enjoy the root beer whirls too.

  42. Jan Whitten shared this memory on

    I remember the Spot from day one. When our children were small on occasional Friday nights we would take the kids our own bread and drinks ( money was tight) and go to the Spot for Shrimp. Great.
    Most of all I remember the Christmas trees. One year we were lucky, to have Harold select our Blue Spruce, for on top of the South Spot. It was really quite an opperation. As it turned out that was the last time a tree was placed on the roof of the Spot. We too miss seeing them at Christmas. We still enjoy the same great burger, and root beer whirl.

  43. Carol parnell shared this memory on

    what can I say the best above the rest. My favorite memory is the Christmas tree on top of the building. Our family misses it so much. You could see it blocks away.

  44. Sharon Karabetsos shared this memory on

    I was born on the day the Spot opened, which was actually July 3, 1945. My parents lived around the corner on 21st Avenue. My father stopped and had a hamburger after my birth at the hospital, probably one of the first hamburgers served there. I spent my entire childhood with the aromas of fires and burgers as a constant background. I remember when Christmas trees were sold on the lot in the winter since the Spot was not yet open year round. Harold DuBois, I hope the spelling is correct, the original owner used to go deer hunting around tree sale time and almost every year there was a deer hanging from the corner sign. The building at that time was so small it really was just a spot. The Spot has been a part of my life since birth, and I hope there will be many more years of Spot hamburgers.

  45. Brian Adamson shared this memory on

    I have many stories about The Spot since I worked there from 1977 to 1981. But the best one is that I met my wife Wanda (a car hop) there and we have been married now for 31 years. I know that there were many romances that started there, so I challenge all the couples that met there to share their stories.

    Congratulations Chuck on your continued success. Your Dad would be proud.

  46. Joyce Hoyle shared this memory on

    When my husband retired from the Military we moved back to my home state of Wisconsin. My long time friend of 50+ years would call me up, day or night and say, ( lets go to the Spot ). Of course I said yes! We would take our dogs with us and they also enjoyed burgers with us. Lots of laughs and some tears were shared at the Spot.

  47. Carol Knudson shared this memory on

    My husband used to work at the Spot. Before we started dating my friend and I would stop by the Spot and park in the back lot, where I could “watch” him from afar (unobtrusively). I didn’t want him to know I was there. But one night her car horn got stuck “on” and everybody knew we were there! How embarrassing!

  48. Joyce Hoyle shared this memory on

    My Mom worked 3rd shift at the hospital so we didn’t get to spend much time together. On her days off at any time of the night she would say lets go to the Spot! We spent some good time together, talking,eating. Not only was the food Great, but the time spent with my Mom was unforgetable. I’m a grandmother myself now and every time I pass the Spot I remember those times.

  49. Nancy R. shared this memory on

    There is nothing like or will ever be, a hamburger as mouth watering as The Spot. My usual is a double cheeseburger with everything, fries and a root beer. My funniest memory was when I was 18 or 19, stopping for lunch with a friend, drinking my root beer TOO FAST and burping so loud! Not very ladylike, but the look on the truck driver’s face parked next to us was priceless. We never laughed so hard or so long in our lives. I’m 59 now, (that’s a lot of Spot burgers) and I love them as much now as I did with my first bite. I think I should have some of my ashes scattered there so I can be a part of The Spot for eternity.

  50. Gregg Pfarr shared this memory on

    Where do I start? Growing up in the 50s-60s on 20th Avenue meant you were just a couple of blocks away from the best hamburgers, fries and root beer in the world. I thought so as a 5 year old, and I still believe that today! And what a thrill it was last week to bring my 85 year old mother, her favorite, a hamburger, Ketchup, Pickle, Mustard with grilled onions! It made my Mom’s day, just as it made my day 50 years ago!
    While the food was great, my best memories were times hanging around “The Spot”. It was a great day when my buddy Neil was hired by Harold. Many of my best friends worked there, and I was a groomsman in more than one “Spot Wedding”. The 70s and early 80s were the years of softball, weddings and late night times at “The Spot”. This space isn’t large enough to mention all the friends and names, so to all of you, and you all know who you are, THANKS FOR THE FRIENDSHIPS WE SHARE AND THE MEMORIES!

  51. walter mutchler shared this memory on

    i remember the early the early 50s scooping the loop to pick up girls and then taking them to the spot for burgers and fries. and their famous christmas tree and always wonderded why the tree didn’t fall thru the roof

  52. Sam brisko shared this memory on

    when I was a kid I used to go to drive ins with my sister barb my brother in law don I always love to eat and when you find good food do you remember then when I was young I move to kansas city missouri nobody there knows how to cook a hamburger so when I came back to wisconsin in 03 I went on a search for the taste of my youth I searched and I searched and I searched and could not find it then I remembered this little drivein called spot so I started driving in fog out it took me 20 miles to get there I ordered my burger triple cheeseburger ketchup and onions only fried onions extra onions extra cheese and when it came to my car and the waitress hung it on the window tilted the car a little the first bite of that burger brought back so many memories of my youth that I’ve been a loyal patron I got to know the waitresses by first name I got to know the cook that cooks my bufgers do you know what I want when I pull up and it’s always perfect I don’t bond with too many things but I truly bond with the spot burger for that I am truly grateful. thank you. sam brisko

  53. Deb Borggren shared this memory on

    I was 4 years old in 1960. I remember my parents taking me to The Spot and I had a hamburger and root beer. The taste of the two was so good I remember it made my eyes water. A little memory from a little girl. I live in Burlington and stillgo back to The Spot every chance I get.

    It’s an absolute shrine.

  54. Amanda F. shared this memory on

    When I was 18 and a senior in high school, the spot was the coolest place to hang out and grab a bite to eat late at night. One night, my crush and his friends pulled up next to me and my girlfriends. My crush got in the car and asked if I wanted to share a Rootbeer float with him. This ended up being the beginning to a long journey. One beautiful baby girl and eight years later, I am engaged to be his wife.

  55. Jane Wermeling shared this memory on

    When I was young I lived about a block away from the Spot, right on 22nd Avenue. Some of my favorite memories involve walking to get ice cream or my very favorite fish sandwich with my dad, We also had a big, fluffy, white dog named Monte, who was as friendly as a dog could be, and equally dimwitted. My parents tried many things to keep Monte contained within our fenced in yard, but he was something of an escape artist. The local Humane Society had picked him up a couple of times, and knew us pretty well, but usually we could count on Monte to follow his nose to the Spot. I’m sure he was one of their most grateful customers, and of course we were grateful when they held him and called us to come get him. In the 20 years since Monte has been gone the Spot still remains a favorite with my family. It will always be worth the drive from the far northside of town, and I can always count on them to be open for me when I get out of work late at night, and it seems like the whole city (bars aside) has shut down for the evening.

  56. bill bruce shared this memory on

    my wife and I were raised in kenosha, I can remember my first burger at the spot , probably in the mid 50s. just had 2 the other day and their still the same , keep up the good work.

  57. LeAnn Rendon shared this memory on

    my husband is from Kenosha and introduced me to the Spot and I am hooked on your cheesbugers. I told a few of my friends about the Spot and they went and loved it. They saved the paper bag from their order and they gave it to me. I put it up on the wall of my office and sometimes people ask what it is and I tell the it’s a place in Kenosha that has the best cheesebugers I’ve ever had. So it’s like a mini adertisement for the Spot.

  58. Hector Rendon shared this memory on

    I worked at Ohare in the 70’s and my shift would end at 12 midnight, so I would get out of work race down to Kenosha to try to get dinner order in before you closed. I would get a cheeseburger and a basket of henny penny chicken. I would eat the cheeseburger on the way to 35th St. then eat the chicken in the comfort of home. I don’t know where you got those midget chickens, but they sure were delicious.

  59. Jim D. shared this memory on

    My first job was at the Spot working for Harold. I remember raking the gravel parking lot, weighing the hamburger patties, bagging and freezing the fries, ect. My pay was a large hot fudge sunday with extra hot fudge. A great experience back in the day when small jobs with rewards were appreciated.

  60. Christine Althoff shared this memory on

    I have gone to the Spot since I was a teen but I have to say my very favorite memory has to be from last year. My husband Scott coaches The Spot baseball team for Little Leaguers of Kenosha, my son James and nephew Dean play on the team. They had a great season and after every game they could come and get a free burger, fries and a drink, if it was a win an ice cream was the added incentive. The entire team worked hard and played well to win the American League Championship (the last time for the team being in 1992). They lost one game in the play offs and got put into the losers bracket, which means one more lose and they would be out. They won the rest of their games to make the Championship Game against Lee Plumbing and win. Every one was so very happy and excited, the entire team and their families went to The Spot to celebrate. We all had a wonderful time that afternoon. The boys on the team were able to order any item on the menu for free. This was a special memory that my son and nephew will remember for the rest of their lives and be able to share with their children. So far this year the boys have won their division again and are headed into the play offs with 21 home runs for the team, wow! Go Spot Go!

  61. Nichelle Brunner shared this memory on

    Growing up my dad used to pick my brother, sister, and myself up from school everyday. Once a week we got to do something special and visit a different park in town to play, but there was one catch, we HAD to stop at The SPOT for our favorite ice cream cones first. We soon became regulars and as soon as the waitress would see our truck pull up, she would have our cones all ready for us. I grew up enjoying The SPOT and 24 years later continue to be a regular costumer there.

  62. Carol Shinske shared this memory on

    The Spot has been my favorite drive-in since my husband and I were just a couple in 1955. It has remains to be the best drive-in in Kenosha. When my husband was racing pigeons, The Spot was always where we headed on Saturday evenings right after shipping the pigeons for their next race on Sunday. One of my daughters has since married and moved to Indiana. However, when she comes to Kenosha to visit, it is a MUST that we go The Spot for their delicious hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries and root beer. Thank you for giving us the best and fast service and a lot of memories for many years.

  63. David Stanonik shared this memory on

    The year was 1970 when I was going to Kenosha Technical Institute later called Gateway, when my new aquired friends and I would go out for lunch and some time it was the Spot for a great burger and root beer. And know knowing it’s location we could kill two birds with one stone, stop one was Tyson’s sporting goods to check out the pretty Tyson girls working there then go for a Spot burger. Well one day it was decided to go to the Spot with my short friendship friend “CRAZY” Ken it was always an adventure with this guy. While at the Spot one summer evening with crazy eating my burger, a middle aged man driving a super clean, I think it was a Cadillac light yellow in color pulled in on crazy side crazy was driving that night so when the car hop was taking the Caddy driver order crazy shot ketchup on the side of his super clean just washed Caddy. I said to crazy are you out of your mind, what if the car hop spot that and the Caddy guy will kick our you know what. Well that when thing got funny and I could not stop laughing and the Caddy would look at us from time to time in wonderment. That when I said crazy let get out of here, well the car hop did not see the ketchup and we drove away laughing, thinking what if.

  64. Heidi Ervin shared this memory on

    I was lucky enough to grow up kitty-corner from the Spot. That meant that all Summer long, while the windows were open, the smell of Spot onion rings flowed through the house.

    When we were young my siblings and I would fight to be the one to walk over and pick up our orders that had been phoned in. I still remember the yellow and orange designs on those old paper cups… I’d always get a hotdog and a hot fudge sundea with extra fudge. Then I’d BEG for a bite of my Mom’s chicken, or a few fried shrimp.

    I’ve been eating at the Spot all my life. I remember when a close relative of my best friend’s passed away. We drove to the Spot and ordered more food than anyone could eat. We laid out the food on the floor of our apartment and cried, ate, and laughed. The Spot is like family. It’s the comfort of home to us; there in the celebrations and in the hard times.

    My Brother moved to California almost 20 years ago. To this day, the first place that he goes when he comes into town, is the Spot.

    Hey! My car got totalled in front of my parent’s house 2 years ago – it was a carhop from the Spot that ran over to give the officers a discription of the vehicle that hit it! I’m not lying when I say the Spot, the food, and the people have been like family!

  65. Jamie Kralicek shared this memory on

    Have lived near “The Spot” for 32 years….Have always enjoyed a walk to the Drive In to have a really good hamburger!!!!!
    But the best memory is our beloved pet Cocker Spaniel “Pepper” who loved a “SPOT” hamburger SO much – that even when we had a dog sitter taking care of him, when we went on vacation, and she took him for his walks…. He would pull her to The Spot – (Once or twice a week) for his favorite treat… a Spot Hamburger!

  66. Curt Palmer shared this memory on

    I am a South Side native of Kenosha and I have enjoyed making The Spot a part of my life. I can remember coming to The Spot not long after receiving my driver’s license and hanging out with a few high school buddies. My standard order was a whirl and a double cheeseburger. When talking with people in the surrounding communities and trying to explain where I live, once I tell them I live near The Spot, the immediate response is, “Oh, I know that area. You are so lucky to be near The Spot!” I know.
    Fifteen years ago, I was preparing to marry my wonderful wife. Many friends and family members traveled varying distances to attend our once in a lifetime event. I can tell you many of them visited The Spot during that weekend in October 1997. The most memorable moment for me was the day of our rehearsal. My soon to be brother-in-law announced he was going to The Spot and began taking orders. He came back with bags upon bags of fresh Spot burgers, fries and two gallons of the sweet nectar we loving refer to as the best rootbeer we’ve ever had. There was not a single leftover that day and we were content until the rehearsal dinner that evening. I have personally enjoyed the best burger in town for over 25 years and I look forward to sharing the moments of my life at The Spot with my children. We have begun the process of inducting them recently and we enjoy sharing good food and making more memorable moments. We hope you all continue to serve Kenosha for another 67 years and many more!

  67. RUTH CHARTIER shared this memory on

    I alway remember Harold sitting in a lawn chair when the Christmas tree was being put on top of the Spot

  68. Pat O'Neal shared this memory on

    My best memories of going to The Spot is with my parents when my children were small after Church on Sundays. Since both of my parents have passed away now, I still getting teary eyed when we stop there. Like today when I was there, I held up my delicious home made root beer to the sky and toasted my great parents and told them that I am still coming here and thanked them for the great memories that they left behind.

  69. Kelly Schaab shared this memory on

    When I was attending high school in Zion IL. Back some 24years ago. My best friend and I were involved in the drama program, and after practice many time a bunch of us would get in the cars and drive to the spot on 22cd street to enjoy the best burgers ever. After high school my best friend and I started our own theatre company and we keep the tradition alive by taking our cast and crew to the spot for again the best burgers. As the years went on I stopped going to the spot, not because I didn’t like the burger, but because life got busy and it was too far. I now live in Kenosha about 6 blocks from the spot on 22cd st and I now go at least once a week. The food is always great, the service is always great and I hope to enjoy both for many more years. Thank you!

  70. Bill Johnson shared this memory on

    Back in the 60’s I managed a little league team and most of my players were jealous of the Spot little league team members who were rewarded at the Spot whenever they won !!! However, it gave us incentive to win against them (which we did) as a kind of get even..I have been going to the Spot since the time it opened and have yet to find a burger that can top theirs. Having moved to the north side I was glad when they opened the second Spot making my access a little easier. With it closing a while back we have a longer drive but its well worth it !!

  71. Paulette Rohde shared this memory on

    My husband and I have been going to The Spot since we were teenagers and now we are married 52 years and still enjoy the best hamburger in Kenosha. Our three sons now take their families there.When I was pregnant I had such a craving for a hamburger from The Spot we drove from Illinois to Kenosha and I ate 5 hamburgers!!!!!!!

  72. Sharon Broadway shared this memory on

    My favorite memory of the Spot Drive In was when my grandaughter Faith was 3years old, that child would only eat chicken nuggets from McDonalds. Well grandpa and I wanted to have a burger from the Spot and we were babysitting her. So when we pulled in she refused to eat anything from there. So when the car hop ask for our order we asked her if she could possibly make some special nuggets for her…maybe shaped like a dinosar or something that was only made for her. The carhop(I forget her name) said sure I’ll talk to the cook. So needless to say when the carhop brought our food she told my granddaughter that the cook had made them just for her that she was the only child that he would make them for. She was so excited. Everytime she comes over she wants to go to the Spot. So she is now almost 7yrs old and still thinks that she is the only one that can order them. She has a little brother Jacob who is 3 years old and she tells him there only for her.. Thanks for helping to get a little girl eat more than McDonalds.

  73. My father and I ate here many times in the late sixties and early seventies. I’m 51 and when I was a young boy we would frequently stop here for a burger and rootbeer while we were shopping in Kenosha or before taking in a movie at one of the downtown theaters. I live in the far west chicago suburbs now and I’m just a bit too far to make it back without a lot of effort. My dad passed away this past October and seeing this site reminds me of him and his love of good, inexpensive food. Thank you for the memories.

  74. Kramp & Adler shared this memory on

    Actor Mark Ruffalo aka “The Hulk” gave The Spot a plug this morning on our show. If you guys want the audio let us know.

    Mark Ruffalo on Kramp & Adler

  75. Marilyn Nelsen shared this memory on

    Living two blocks away from The Spot on 75th Street, made getting there for their delicious burgers very easy. I was eight when I started going there and have been there almost every year since then. When in High School at Mary D. Bradford, three of my classmates (Von, Bob and Herman) all worked there so it was a great place to hang out. I’m so pleased that Chuck took over from his dad and has kept the business going. When my oldest sister came home for visits, we’d play cards until late in the evening and then I’d take orders and go to The Spot! Every time I’m in Kenosha, The Spot is where I get my burger and root beer whirl fix! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Keep up the great work!

  76. Karen (Nelsen) Csavoy shared this memory on

    I was born in 1946 and in 1948 our family moved to a home two blocks from the Spot…..so I have a looooong history with this iconic Kenosha landmark. In the summer, my mom used to let me run up there for ice cream cones for us because I could get there and back home before too much of the ice cream melted. We bought our Christmas trees there in December before the Spot was open year ’round. And, in the course of the 22 years I lived in that home, I ate my fill of Spot burgers and drank my share of root beer. To this day, it’s a “must stop” whenever I’m back in Kenosha. Kudos to the DuBois family for such a long lasting tradition of consistantly fine burgers, fries, and root beer (among other tasty treats), and for helping so many young people earn money for colleges and universities….my older sister Sandy was one of the many carhops from the ’50’s. There’ll always be a special “spot” in my heart for THE Spot!

  77. Jerry A Fenske shared this memory on

    My memories start when I helped Harold sell Christmas Trees on the lot before any buildings were there except a small shed. This had to be around winter of ’47 or ’48 though. So I question the July 4, 1945 opening. Later on, my sister Jeanette was a car-hop, and brother Vonne (Stu) was a cook. For many years now, whenever I get back to Kenosha, It is always at least one or more stops for my Burger and Root Beer.. which has been over the last fifty two years since living at the end of Lincoln Rd near Snap On Tools. You just can’t find a better Hamburger and Fries with the best Root Beer ever brewed. The taste and flavors have remained the same, and always a Must Stop when in Town..
    I miss talking with Harold each visit, but his son continues on a legacy that never fades.

  78. Dave shared this memory on

    My favorite memory of the Spot was in the early 1970s. I remember driving across town with my oldest sister and our dog, a boxer named Rigel. I was 11 or 12 years old at the time. It was a treat hanging with your sister and enjoying a hamburger and fries. Of course my sister also ordered a hamburger for our dog, which made it that much more fun. Whenever I am at the Spot now, the burger tastes and smells exactly the same as it did back then, bringing back all the great memories of that summer day in the 70s.

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