Harold DuBois with his son Chuck

β€œI always wanted a drive-in”
β€” Harold DuBois β€”

The Spot opened on July 4, 1945. It wasn’t the easiest time to open a restaurant. World War II was still on and supplies, including meat for hamburgers, were in short supply. For Harold and Janet DuBois, shortages were not going to stop them from following their passion.

Quoted in a 1988 Kenosha News article, Harold simply stated, “I always wanted a drive-in.” Thankfully for generations of patrons, their hard work and determination turned The Spot into a local dining landmark.

The Spot Drive-In still occupies the same location at 2117 – 75th Street. The iconic red and neon “Spot” sign stands as beacon for anyone searching for a good hamburger. The original small building served the DuBois well until a new, larger building was constructed to better serve the ever growing number of customers. Janet DuBois said, “We started out with one car hop and gradually things grew and grew. Generations of families have patronized The Spot. They keep coming back to us with their children and then their grandchildren.”

The tradition continues with their son, Chuck DuBois, and his wife Nancy. Chuck started at the business in sixth grade, washing trays for 50 cents an hour. Chuck maintains the same simple formula for success that his parents used to build the business: good food with consistent quality and portions.

The Spot is casual dining at its best. No matter if you drive up in your jalopy or your Mercedes, you’re here for the same thing: hamburgers. Hamburgers take everybody back to their roots. It’s simple. It’s humble. You can’t get more basic than a hamburger. And since 1945, The Spot has been serving anyone who likes a good hamburger.